Hunter Research, Inc. analyzed over 50 middleware products that all claimed to find different databases, and to read and format their contents into normalized systems where the enterprise could view them as a whole and know what they have regardless of the system or databases they came from. Our findings were the following:

  1. All Middleware is very expensive
  2. All Middleware is very complex and not easy to learn
  3. One will have to spend considerable time and energy to learn, then master the tools.
  4. The bigger companies keep purchasing smaller entities either to kill them or to assimilate them or to merely add them to the stable. The result is absolute confusion on the part of the would-be purchaser of the products.
  • Do I need all their products?
  • Which modules do what? And will they do what I need?
  • When I spend all this time and money will I have what I need?

Among the systems investigated in terms of the functions and features and their pricing structure were the following:

•  Actional •  Actuate 7.0
•  AltioLive 3.0 •  ARtech
•  BEA Weblogic Integration 8.1 •  Brio
•  Business Objects Enterprise 6.1 •  Candle pathway
•  Cape Clear Data Interchange •  Computer Associates Clever Path
•  Cognos Series 7 •  Commerce One Conductor
•  CrossWorlds 3.11 •  Digital Harbor Piie Express 2.0
•  Fiorano Software Tifosi •  Grand Central Communications
•  Hyperion Solutions Corp •  IBI iWay
•  IBM Websphere Studio 5.0 •  iBolt, Magic Software
•  Informatica Powercenter 5.0 •  Infravio Ensemble
•  InterSystems •  Ensemble
•  IONA Artix •  iPlanet Integration Server 2.1
•  Laszlo Presentation Server 1.0 •  M7 Application Assembly Suite 3.0
•  Microsoft BizTalk •  Microstrategy 7i
•  Nervana Information Nervous System •  Oracle9iAS
•  Q-link 7 •  SeeBeyond
•  Siebel Systems 7.7 •  Sonic Business Integration Suite
•  Sybase Integration Orchestrator •  Systinet WASP 4.5.1
•  Templar Informant •  Tibco BusinessWorks
•  Vitria Businessware 4.1.1 •  WebMethods Enterprise 4.1
•  WRQ Verastream 8.0


We discovered Briyante from Visiphor, Inc. quite by accident, but are very glad we did, because it has been the major reason we have been so successful in linking up database rapidly and converting them into a common XML format.