• Custom system applications
  • Market research
  • Rapid development of Web Services
  • Legacy database conversions
  • Integrated Systems
  • Reverse Engineering of applications
  • RFP development & management
  • Wire-tap translation services
  • Project management
  • Signature capture solutions
  • Project staffing
  • System evaluations
  • Criminal justice systems
  • Management Consulting


Here is a blueprint of how to organize, information pills finance, design, implement, and manage an integrated criminal justice system at the county level. Technical, political, and financial details provide valuable data on how to get started with “Plug & Go” implementation. It provides very detailed information on how the ARIES system was developed and how it has grown to a two county, 48 agency shared system.



Briyante Integration Environment from Visiphor is a very powerful middleware product that is extremely effective in discovering databases whose data need to be integrated, aggregated, transformed and served up in a Web Services environment. This is the product HRI uses where complex integration and sharing is needed to quickly connect to disparate databases and to begin serving up integrated data in beautifully presented web pages.



Grab a modest server, load Windows 2003, Briyante, and HRI’s Integration Template and you are ready to begin sharing data among diverse systems. HRI’s experience and tools can save months of tedious system development. The Presentation Layer can be designed or even modified with users logged on the system. You can change frames, panels, table names, column names, headers, etc. and quickly bring your application into production. It saves weeks & months of coding.



This document illustrates all the modules and components of the ARIES Integrated criminal history and related data that HRI developed for the 65 agencies that share their data and the 8,000 plus users that use it.

It explains the each component and shows which systems are being read and the functionality of each.