• Custom system applications
  • Market research
  • Rapid development of Web Services
  • Legacy database conversions
  • Integrated Systems
  • Reverse Engineering of applications
  • RFP development & management
  • Wire-tap translation services
  • Project management
  • Signature capture solutions
  • Project staffing
  • System evaluations
  • Criminal justice systems
  • Management Consulting


ARIES – Automated Regional Information Exchange System – A web Services sharing environment. Composed of 5 counties, stomach 64 agencies sharing 64 RMS systems, discount 31 CAD systems, price 4 jails, 4 ALPR databases, 2 CalPhoto systems, etc., in “real time.” Over 8,000 users including state and federal agencies.


Live “CAD on the Wall”

Regional maps with drill down to the details that are refreshed every 60 seconds. Provides a regional view at any time of the day or night on what is happening with criminal events, natural disasters, or terrorist events. Ideal for CAD operators, administrators, and crime analysts.


Fresno County, CA Electronic Probable Cause

A system which enables officers from 35 agencies to create PCDECs online and submit them to the duty judge and the jail. Judges can review and take action on the declarations from wherever they are in a secure and convenient manner.  Officers don’t have to fax or drive the PCDECs to a judge and can know instantaneously whether or not they have been approved.