It doesn’t have to be that tough anymore. The steps are straightforward and doable. It doesn’t matter what industry, medicine physician trade or government sector you are in, see the principles are still the same. Using Briyante and our own tools we do the following to bring your integrated Web based applications up in a hurry. Here’s how we do it.

  1. We meet with you to determine your requirements. What would you like an integrated system to do? It isn’t enough just to find the data, ask you need to determine how, when, where and why you would use it.
  2. We bring in a modest server or use one of yours.
  3. We get a single user name and password to access each system you want to read.
  4. We put a copy of Visiphor’s Briyante middleware on the server and help it go find your databases.
  5. We get a copy of your data dictionaries or schemas for each of your databases, or we reverse engineer them as needed.
  6. We use our town Web Services .NET template to create the web pages you will use and our Configuration tool that enables us to custom arrange the application to meet your requirements.
  7. That’s it….


  • A server
  • Briyante middleware
  • HRI’s templates and know how
  • Your applications are up and running on Web Services.