Contra Costa County Integrated Justice System
Took 48 agencies from thinking about integrated justice to the ARIES production system with 1, website 400+ users enjoying 10 integrated applications with .NET, Web Services. Includes Alameda County arrest & booking data.
Integration of Butte County Jail Data with D.A. System
Butte County wanted a master name index within their Constellation Damion System for access by the investigators in the District Attorney’s office. HRI converted their existing Motorola Offendertrak information and converted it to Justice XML for downloading to the format the receiving system wanted. Further, they wanted a daily load of the new arrests and bookings from the previous day. That system is currently in production.
Tuolumne County Integration System
Several years ago, Hunter Research, Inc. was retained to do an analysis of the criminal justice system for the county to determine if it was feasible to integrate the many systems and databases therein. It was determined that some data was entered and re-entered up to eight (8) times as a case went through the system from law enforcement to the jail to fingerprinting to mug shots to the District Attorney, the Public Defender, the Courts, and Probation.

While HRI’s report indicated that the existing systems could be integrated, it was a waste of time because the different case management systems each agency had in the county were so old and underpowered, the data would be integrated but the agencies would still be suffering because of poor automation within their respective departments.

Since then, HRI has assisted the county with the following:

Installed a new court case management system called Sustain.
Installed a new probation system called Synovation (now ISD).
Installed a new jail management system from DSSI.
Installing a new District Attorney, Public Defender, and County Counsel system from Prolaw.
Procuring a new CAD and RMS system for the Sheriff’s office.
When the latter systems are all in place, HRI will be able to integrate them thereby eliminating a great deal of duplicate data entry and improving the communication among the agencies.

Fresno County Superior Court
HRI installed a Web based Electronic Probable Cause Declaration system for the court, the jail and 35 law enforcement agencies to replace their fax and paper system and now are saving many hours in handling these time sensitive requirements.  The system alerts all agencies to be on the lookout for any subjects any agency is trying to locate.  It also enables agencies to collaborate electronically on mutual interest cases.
San Mateo County Jail Data Conversion
HRI reverse engineered a 20 year old integrated mainframe justice system and converted data from it and 4 other ancillary systems to feed into a jail system being implemented by Abbey Group.  Systems for Commissary, Risk Assessment, DNA collection and Work Release were also converted.
San Mateo County Data Conversion
The county rejected a vendor that had won an RFP engendered contract after the vendor failed to implement their system satisfactorily.  The county was rightly leery of the second vendor and demanded that they be able to demo their product (with the county’s mainframe data appearing) on screen.  HRI provided the converted data and mug shots, and the runner-up vendor successfully demonstrated their product with the County’s data and won the contract.  HRI is now converting the mainframe and ancillary data for the new vendor.
Other Public & Private Clients
HRI developed, installed, and supported systems for Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, Southland Corporation (711), Concord Pavilion, Alta Theriapies, Minor’s News Agency, the Valley Times, etc.