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Hunter Research, hospital Inc. has provided project management , system development, and consulting services for over 33 years for such public sector clients as law enforcement agencies, courts, probation departments, high schools, colleges, and health organizations.  In the private sector HRI has developed systems for such clients as 7-11, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, SRI International, and various small and medium sized businesses.

HRI developed and maintained (for 9 years) an integrated law enforcement records system located in the cloud that reads the data from 65 police departments in 5 counties in “real time” called ARIES.  It includes records from CAD, RMS, JAIL, AFIS print systems, Automated License Plate Reader and Sex Registrant data from Alameda, Solano, San Joaquin, Santa Clara and Contra Costa Counties.

HRI implemented an Electronic Probable Cause Declaration system that enables 34 law enforcement agencies to share an electronic system for arresting suspects of crime, alert the jail of incoming bookings, and obtain the courts approval that the arrests of adults and juveniles was justified.

HRI performs market research, survey research and consulting services for clients as well.